Brand History of Adell

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In 1981, The name and brand ‘Topkar’ is created and used by taken the first syllables of Topçu brothers.

First registry

In 1997, in the necessity and belief of brand importance, the brand ‘Adell’ is registered covering faucets, shower systems, taps and mechanical installation products.

Adell has a meaning of 'aristocracy, loyal and royal' in German and in Ottoman Turkish, Adell means being fair, judicious to others. Having such beautiful meanings, being used in numerous different languages and pronouncing easily are the most significant aspects of brand name 'Adell'.

International registry

In 2006, new products are introduced and Adell extended its registration to cover all parts. According to Brand Finance, Adell is rated with (B-) in brand rating research.

Changes in years

Logo of Adell has been changed in years and in 2013, logo took its last form.

International registry

As a prerequisite of being in international markets, in 2000, Adell is registered in 45 countries under the Madrid Protocol (WIPO). In 2010, this number is enlarged to 72 countries with the enlargement of international registration.


Adell’s dynamic structure, its growth with sustaining cultural values as well as customers values and social responsibility projects result in Adell to win numerous awards.

Well-known trademark

In 2013, Adell is accepted for the registration of ‘Well-known Trademark’ by Turkish Patent Institute.


Adell is registered in 72 countries and with the help of being well-known trademark, Adell has an important status in both suppliers’ and customers' eyes. Adell addresses building sector and other industries with its advanced as well as high quality kitchen and bath faucets, shower systems, and with its mechanical installation products.

Adell’s strong heritage makes it to be sustainable, different and innovative. This roots benefits Adell to create solutions, develop new products and grow day by day.

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